Make a LEGO Mini Fig Dig Kit

Excavate Your Own Mini Fig with This DIY LEGO Digging Set


We love Legos (unless they've been left on the floor to step on!) and they're a ton of fun to add to excavations. In the particular tutorial, we are going to teach you how to make an excavation using a Lego mini figurine. Adding the mini fig to an excavation adds an extra layer of fun to the imaginative play that arises from enjoying Legos. The Lego pieces clean up easily once removed from the excavation and can immediately be put together and enjoyed!
Fun facts: If you put the 340 million Mini figs that were produced last year next to each other in a line, it would stretch from London to Beijing!
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Digging Up Fun and Learning: Why a LEGO Mini Fig Dig Kit is the Perfect Educational Toy


Playing with LEGOs is not only a fun and enjoyable activity for kids, but it also has numerous educational and developmental benefits. Here are some reasons why playing with LEGOs is important:


  1. Enhances creativity: Playing with LEGOs encourages kids to think outside the box and come up with unique designs and creations. This helps enhance their creativity and imagination.

  2. Improves problem-solving skills: Building with LEGOs requires problem-solving skills, such as spatial awareness and logical thinking. Kids have to figure out how to connect different pieces and build structures that can support weight, which helps develop their problem-solving skills.

  3. Builds fine motor skills: Playing with LEGOs requires kids to manipulate and connect small pieces, which helps improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  4. Encourages teamwork: Building with LEGOs can be a collaborative activity that promotes teamwork and communication. Kids can work together to build structures and solve problems, which helps develop social skills.


Now, a LEGO Mini Fig Dig Kit is a great hands-on and educational approach for kids because it combines the benefits of LEGO play with the excitement of excavation and discovery.


By using tools to dig and uncover a mini-fig, kids can learn about archaeology and the process of excavation. They can also develop patience and perseverance as they work to uncover the mini-fig. Additionally, the kit provides a tactile and interactive way for kids to learn about history and explore their curiosity.


Overall, a LEGO Mini Fig Dig Kit is a fun and educational activity that can engage kids and help them develop important skills and knowledge.



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Building Your Own LEGO Mini Fig Dig Kit: A Step-by-Step Guide


Now that we understand the many benefits of playing with LEGOs and a dig kit, it's time to dive into the details of how to make the most of this hands-on and educational activity. In this section, we'll explore the supplies needed to create a LEGO Mini Fig Dig Kit and provide step-by-step instructions for how to put it together.


Whether you're a parent looking for a fun and educational activity for your child or a teacher searching for a creative way to engage your students, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to create a memorable and exciting experience.


So, let's roll up our sleeves and get started!



  • Sand
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Wooden spoon
  • Measuring cups
  • Excavation tools. Wooden dowels and other blunt instruments work well. Sharp tools are unsafe and not necessary as the excavations are reasonably brittle and excavate easily. 
  • Safety goggles
  • Small brush
  • Lego Mini figurine. No worries if you do not have a mini fig. You can add a bunch of random Legos to your excavation and still have a blast!
  • Container - Any plastic container will do. There are oversized Lego style bricks that make really cool containers for the Lego Mini Fig Dig if you happen to have some available. 


Pro tip: Get several of the oversized style Lego bricks. Use these as containers to make Lego Mini Fig Digs for your next Lego themed birthday party. These are really cool activities to keep those birthday party guest entertained and the mini fig they discover is a fun take home party favor!


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  1. Put one cup of sand in your mixing bowl.
  2. Add one-third cup Plaster of Paris.
  3. Use the wooden spoon to mix the sand and Plaster of Paris.
  4. Add one-third cup of water and mix.
  5. Keep adding small amounts of water until you reach a pancake like batter consistency. 
  6. Add the Lego mini figurine to the container. You can put the mini fig into the container already put together but I prefer to break it into pieces. 
  7. Pour a layer of the mixture into the container to cover the Lego pieces.
  8. Gently tap the sides of the container to remove any air bubbles. This will also allow a little mixture under the Lego pieces. The pieces may try and float to the surface. You can push them back under as the mixture stiffens, and you may want to leave a piece or two exposed to give a hint of what is hidden within the excavation.  
  9. Optional - Push a few spare Lego pieces into the surface of the excavation for a little decoration. 
  10. Set the Lego Mini Fig Dig in a safe location to dry undisturbed overnight. I like to put the excavation in front of a fan.


Pro tip: Have some Lego base plates and a bucket of other spare pieces available. Your excavating adventurer can use these extra items to enjoy the mini fig they discover. 


Now the Lego Mini Fig Dig is ready to be enjoyed. Find an area that is easy to clean up, distribute the safety goggles and excavation tools, and let the excavating begin. 


Pro tip: For younger excavating adventurers, instead of a regular excavation, you can hide the mini fig pieces in kinetic sand to be discovered. This is not only a great sensory play activity, but you can encourage your little one to match the pieces by color and size. 



Building Blocks of Fun: 10 Fun Facts About LEGOs for Kids


Here are some fun facts about LEGOs that kids might enjoy:


  1. The word "LEGO" comes from the Danish words "leg godt," which mean "play well."

  2. The first LEGO brick was created in 1958 and was known as the "Automatic Binding Brick."

  3. LEGOs are made from a type of plastic called ABS, which stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

  4. The tallest LEGO tower ever built was over 114 feet tall and used over 500,000 LEGO bricks.

  5. The LEGO company produces about 36 billion LEGO pieces each year.

  6. The LEGO minifigure was introduced in 1978 and has since become a beloved part of LEGO sets around the world.

  7. The world's largest LEGO model is a replica of a Star Wars X-Wing fighter and used over 5 million LEGO bricks.

  8. The LEGO Group is still owned by the Kirk Kristiansen family, who founded the company in 1932.

  9. LEGO sets have been created based on popular movies and TV shows, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Minecraft.

  10. In 2019, the LEGO Group released a set of sustainable plant-based bricks made from sugarcane.


These are just a few fun facts about LEGOs that kids might enjoy. With their endless possibilities for creativity and building, there's always more to learn and discover about these beloved toys.


Brick by Brick: Concluding Our Exploration of the Fun and Learning of LEGOs 


In conclusion, playing with LEGOs is a fun and educational activity that can benefit kids in numerous ways. From enhancing their creativity and problem-solving skills to improving their fine motor skills and teamwork abilities, LEGOs provide a valuable hands-on experience that can help kids develop important skills and knowledge.


And with the addition of a LEGO Mini Fig Dig Kit, kids can engage in the excitement of excavation and discovery while learning about archaeology and history. By providing a tactile and interactive way for kids to explore their curiosity and develop their skills, LEGOs and the LEGO Mini Fig Dig Kit are a great way to encourage learning and play in a fun and engaging way.


So whether you're a parent, teacher, or young builder, grab your bricks and get ready to explore the endless possibilities of the LEGO world!


I hope you enjoyed this super quick tutorial and enjoy making the Lego Mini Fig Dig. These excavations are very easy to make, inexpensive, and a lot of fun!
Pro tip: Use this activity to create some excitement around discussions or lessons regarding STEAM and engineering. 
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