Excavating Adventures was an idea that was born, tested, researched and evolved from an amazing effort by the company Science Fun For Everyone out of Cary, North Carolina. But before we get into that, let me tell you about Science Fun For Everyone.

Science Fun For Everyone is an amazing family owned and operated business that brings science programing to schools all over North Carolina. Their awesome employees "called Scientists" educate and entertain tens of thousands of students every year through exciting demonstrations and experimentation...

That is until the Covid related school closures brought their operations to a screeching halt. 

The owners and staff decided to do whatever they could to continue providing amazing science programing to students who were now at home and learning virtually. After assessing the situation further, it was determined that one of the most loved activities that spanned the elementary grade levels was an excavation activity to dig and discover rocks and minerals. 

Everyone jumped on board and started creating an at-home excavation kit we called Science Surprise. We spent night and day sorting rocks, pouring excavations, and building kits to offer free to students in our immediate area. Teachers, school administrators, and the local media helped spread the word that free Science Surprise excavations kits could be picked up at the Science Fun For Everyone labs here in Cary, North Carolina. 

The free kit pickup worked great and we had a huge turnout until the Covid restrictions tightened further and required us to make the decision to transition to a contactless distribution of the kits. So we started shipping the excavation kits for free to students around the area and soon to students throughout the country. Donations poured in and we were able to ship thousands of free excavation kits to eager young minds all over the United States. 

We learned a whole lot through this challenging yet absolutely amazing effort. Those lessons, experiences, and customer feedback were used to create our exciting new project we call Excavating Adventures. 

While Excavating Adventures is a paid subscription that brings an awesome new excavation kit each month filled with unique and exotic rocks, minerals, seashells, fossils and more, we felt obligated to remain equally focused on our original mission of providing some kind of free service that allows anyone to have access to the specimens we love to discover, identify, and collect. To accomplish this most important aspect of our project, we created what we call our Dig Zone program. 

DigZone allows anyone to go on a virtual excavation of our website to answer trivia about our awesome specimens and earn points. They can then exchange those points for free rewards which are an assortment of rocks, minerals, fossils, and more that we rotate frequently to keep things exciting and new. 

Excavating Adventures and the free DigZone program have been forged and successfully launched during the most trying time ever experienced by Science Fun For Everyone. We look forward to driving this exciting and unique concept forward and commit ourselves to doing everything we can to make sure that any student or child who wants a super cool rock or fossil can absolutely have one!


Guy McBryde

Chief Excavating Officer


If you love excavating as much as we do, be sure to check out our Excavating Adventures monthly subscription by clicking the link below and get an awesome new excavation delivered each month loaded with rocks, minerals, gemstones, fossils, and more!

Happy Excavating!