Teacher Rewards Program

Excavating Adventures: Teacher Rewards Program


Transform Your Teaching Passion into Rewarding Earnings in Just Minutes


At Excavating Adventures, we understand the unique challenges and dedication involved in teaching. That's why we've tailored our Teacher Rewards Program to be as straightforward and beneficial as possible for educators. Joining this program opens up a convenient avenue for you to earn extra income, all while enhancing your teaching experience.


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Why Choose the Teacher Rewards Program?


  • Quick and Easy Sign-Up: It only takes a minute to become a part of this exciting program. No complex processes – just simple, straightforward steps.
  • Earn Extra Income Effortlessly: Enjoy a generous 20% commission on every sale you facilitate, providing a significant boost to your earnings with minimal additional effort.
  • Flexibility for Busy Teachers: Our program is designed to fit seamlessly into your hectic schedule, enabling you to earn through classroom bookings, colleague referrals, or student family promotions.
  • Continuous Earning Potential: With lifetime commissions and membership tiers, your efforts yield ongoing rewards, offering a steady stream of income year after year.
  • Use Funds Your Way: Whether it's for classroom supplies, personal development, or a well-deserved treat for yourself, the earnings from this program are yours to use as you see fit.
  • Engaging Educational Tools: Our excavation kits are more than just a source of income; they're interactive learning tools that captivate and educate students.


Getting Started is a Breeze:


  1. Sign Up in a Snap: Enrollment is quick and easy – get started in just one minute!
  2. Promote & Earn: Share your unique affiliate link to colleagues and student families and start earning your 20% commission.
  3. Track Your Success: Monitor your earnings and see how your simple efforts translate into substantial rewards.


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Empower Your Teaching Career! Joining the Teacher Rewards Program at Excavating Adventures means embracing an opportunity that aligns with your educational mission while offering financial benefits. It’s an uncomplicated, valuable way to make the most out of your teaching influence.


Ready to Join? Signing up is quick and effortless. Begin your rewarding journey with Excavating Adventures today and see just how easy and beneficial it can be!


Earnings Example: Teacher Rewards Program


Scenario: Let's say you, as a participating teacher in the Teacher Rewards Program, share Excavating Adventures' field trip kits with fellow educators at your school. You successfully refer three teachers who decide to order kits for their respective classes.

Initial Orders:

  • Teacher 1: Books for a class of 25 students.
  • Teacher 2: Books for a class of 30 students.
  • Teacher 3: Books for a class of 35 students.

Each kit is priced at $12.

First-Year Calculations:

  • Teacher 1’s Order: 25 students x $12 = $300
  • Teacher 2’s Order: 30 students x $12 = $360
  • Teacher 3’s Order: 35 students x $12 = $420

Your Total Sales: $300 + $360 + $420 = $1,080

Your Earnings (20% Commission): 20% of $1,080 = $216

Ongoing Earnings:

  • With an impressive 72% rebooking rate, it's highly likely these teachers will reorder each year.
  • This means you can potentially earn around $216 annually from these initial referrals alone.

Long-Term Earning Potential:

  • Assuming these three teachers continue to rebook each year, your earnings compound.
  • Over 5 years, this could mean over $1,080 in earnings from just these initial referrals.

Note: The more teachers you refer and the more students they have, the greater your earning potential. And with 72% of teachers typically rebooking year after year, the opportunity for recurring income is substantial.


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