Excavating Adventures would love to contribute to your next school, charity, or nonprofit fundraiser!

If you are a parent, PTA/PTO member, teacher, or simply just someone wanting to help raise funds for your local elementary school or child focused program then we can help!
Excavating Adventures will provide a code for three free months of Dig Zone ($38.97 value) that the school or program can use in silent auctions, as a raffle prize, or in any of their other fundraising activities. 
Please fill out the form below, put us in contact with your PTO/PTA representative or program representative and we'll take it from there!   

All we ask is to please add a link to on your school or PTO website, sponsor page, or any relevant online educational resource. It helps us out a lot and is very much appreciated!!!

To limit abuse of our donation program, we will only be able to fulfill donation requests to recipients with email addresses that match the school, PTA/PTO, nonprofit, or recipients we can validate through other methods such as being listed on official school, nonprofit, or PTO/PTA websites. All other requests will be disregarded. 
But don't worry if you do not meet this criteria because we have you covered too! Just give our DIGITAL DIG program a try and earn unlimited free rocks, fossils, minerals, seashells, excavation kits and more!
You can also explore our awesome $1 DEALS
Happy Excavating!
 Simply give us a little information below and we will get back to you!