With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we thought we would share this fun little love bug excavation activity. Not only will this activity have your little ones exploring and discovering, but also building and creating their own unique love bugs. 
Enjoy a fun love bug excavation activity this Valentine's Day
What you'll need:
Enough Pom Poms to fill your bowl - different sizes and colors if possible
Googly eyes
Craft glue
Felt heart shapes
Pipe cleaners
Construction paper
Fill your bowl with Pom Poms, googly eyes, and felt heart shapes.
Let your little one dive in and begin excavating for the googly eyes and felt hearts. 
Once they have discovered a nice amount of parts, allow them to start building their love bugs.
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The Pom Poms can be used to make love bug bodies and even glued together to make cute caterpillars. The felt hearts make great feet and wings for the love bugs. Pipe cleaners can be cut into little pieces for legs and antennae. I avoid putting the pipe cleaner pieces into the excavation because the wire ends can be a little sharp and pokey once cut. 
Have fun with the love bug excavation activity.
Once parts are glued together, be sure to hold them for several seconds to allow the glue time to hold. The construction paper can also be cut into wings and other things that be added to the love bugs. 
The love bug excavation activity is a fun Valentine's Day activity.
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Happy Excavating!