Looking for a fun, unique, educational and inexpensive way to add a little awesomeness to a stocking this year? Then look no further! We are going to show you a super quick and easy way to make your own Stocking Stuffer Excavations. 
Learn how to make your own holiday stocking stuffer excavations.
What you'll need:
Several cups or more of sand. You can purchase this at a hardware store very cheaply if needed. 
Plaster of Paris.
Cool containers with lids. You can use anything from old plastic food storage containers, film canisters, old Altoid tins, condiment cups, small holiday cookie and candy tins, or pretty much anything that will be big enough to hold the item you are planning to include in the excavation. 
Items to be excavated. You can stick with the traditional dinosaurs or dinosaur skeletons. You can also find rocks or purchase some online in you want to create a gemstone dig. Or you could keep the theme aligned with the holiday you may be celebrating and include relevant seasonal items to excavate. 
Excavation tools. Popsicle sticks work fine as a tool to dig with and its always fun to add little water color paint brushes so children can brush away debris. A magnifying glass is another cool touch to include if possible. You can also include a small hammer and chisel. 
Cool packaging. You can wrap everything up in wrapping paper or find some other way to keep all the items together and make it look awesome. 
And of course safety glasses or goggles to protect those precious eyes!
Make your own do it yourself stocking stuffer excavations this holiday season.
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Set up your containers and place your item to be excavated inside.
Then mix about 3 cups of sand with one cup of Plaster of Paris. I like to mix this while its dry and then add one half cup of water. 
Pour the mixture into each container. 
Allow to dry overnight. I like to place the excavations near a fan to reduce drying time. 
Once dry, put the lids on the containers. 
Add the tools and wrap or package your excavations.
Place the excavations in the stockings and wait for them to be discovered!
I hope you enjoyed this super quick tutorial and enjoy making stocking stuffer excavations this holiday season. These excavations are very versatile and you can include pretty much whatever you want in them.
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Happy Excavating!