This quick and simple post will show you how to make a fun Leprechaun Loot excavation activity to enjoy on or around St. Patrick's Day. 

Materials needed:

Fake gold coins. You can use inexpensive plastic gold coins or more realistic and a bit more pricey replica pirate coins. 

Small black plastic cauldrons or kettles. You can find a twelve pack of these on Amazon for just a few bucks. 



Mixing bowl

Green washable paint

That's it! Now let's make our Leprechaun Loot!

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St Paddy's Day Dig


 The first thing you're going to do is add the cornstarch and water in the mixing bowl and mix together with your hands. Add enough water so that the cornstarch will have almost a pancake batter consistency. You can now add green paint to your oobleck (the water and cornstarch mixture you have created) at this point but avoid using food coloring unless you want green hands for days!

Next, add a small layer of coins in the bottom of each cauldron. 

Cover the coins with a layer of oobleck. 

Add another layer of coins and oobleck until your cauldron is filled. 

Hide the cauldrons and let your little one find them and explore the oobleck on their search for Leprechaun Loot.

There are two ways to make this awesome little activity even more fun:

1. Allow the cauldrons to dry for a couple days before allowing the children to enjoy. You will need to provide an excavation tool and safety goggles but the kids will have a blast digging for gold!

2. Make this a scavenger hunt. Write a bunch of little notes from the Leprechaun that give a series of clues that will led to the Leprechaun Loot!

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Excavating Adventures St. Paddy's Day Dig


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Happy Excavating!