Prepare for the ultimate prehistoric expedition as you venture back in time to Jurassic Island, where dinosaurs reign supreme and every step could mean the difference between survival and extinction. Are you ready to face the challenge and escape the clutches of these ancient beasts in 'Jurassic Attack: Escape from Dinosaur Island'?



WARNING: Contains small parts – Eye protection must be worn - Keeps all parts away from small children and pets - Adult supervision required


Quick Start Guide:

  1. Remove contents from clear bag
  2. Use notch to carefully tear open white pouch and remove contents
  3. Stand pouch up on work space
  4. Unscrew lid from metal tin
  5. Use wooden tool to dig and uncover specimens
  6. Put sand and debris in pouch
  7. Remove and clean specimens
  8. Use cards to identify specimens
  9. Write the names of the specimens on the provided spaces
  10. Use the glue dots to attach specimens to the corresponding spaces
  11. Place the trading cards in the clear sheet
  12. Enjoy your new collection!

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Jurassic Attack: Fossils and Dinosaurs