Today we are going to show you a dollar store dinosaur dig activity that you can do yourself quickly and easily for around five bucks or less! 
These awesome little excavations are not only colorful and inexpensive, but they make great activities for your next dinosaur themed birthday party and are awesome classroom incentives. 
Fun Fact:  Billions of dinosaurs once roamed the Earth and female dinosaurs laid trillions of eggs. You may assume their should be fossilized dinosaur eggs everywhere, but the opposite is true. Thanks to predation and the variances involved with preservation, finding fossilized dinosaur eggs is quite rare and is the cause for much excitement among paleontologists when this occurs. 
Watch the quick video tutorial or read on for more detailed instructions:
Dollar store shopping list:
2 packs of modeling dough 
1 pack of plastic dinosaurs
1 pack of craft sticks
1 pack of paint brushes (optional) 
DIY Dollar Store Dinosaur Dig only costs five dollars
That's it! This will make eight DIY dollar store dinosaur digs!
For younger children, you will not need the craft sticks or paint brushes. Simply open a container of modeling dough and insert a dinosaur. Then distribute a container to each child and allow them to dig in and explore the modeling dough. 
DIY Dollar Store Dinosaur Dig     DIY Dollar Store Dinosaur Dig   DIY Dollar Store Dinosaur Dig
Pro tip: Pick up some cool dinosaur stickers while you are at the dollar store and use them to decorate the containers. You can even find small composition books or notepads that your excavating adventurer can use to document their finds. 
For older children, insert the dinosaur as described above, but do not put the dough back into the container. Allow the modeling dough to sit overnight and harden. Then distribute your DIY dollar store dinosaur dig to each child with a craft stick and paint brush.
Make sure each child has eye protection and then allow them to use the craft stick to scrap away the hardened modeling dough and unearth the dinosaur inside. The paintbrush acts as an extra tool children can use to brush away debris an further immerse themselves into this exciting Excavating Adventure you created at home! 
Pro tip: Have a hammer ready to gently tap and crack dinosaur digs that harden a little too much!
Use craft sticks as excavation tools for your DIY Dollar Store Dinosaur Dig    Use paintbrushes for a fun extra tool to use with your DIY Dollar Store Dinosaur Dig   Use plastic toy dinosaurs in your DIY Dollar Store Dinosaur Dig
The DIY Dollar Store Dinosaur Dig is a really easy and inexpensive way to add a dinosaur dig activity to your next homeschool lesson, birthday party, classroom, or pretty much anyplace you encounter eager young minds that need some entertainment and education!
Pro tip: Use these easy to make Dollar Store Dinosaur Digs to create some excitement around discussions or lessons about dinosaurs, paleontology, fossils, and geology. 
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Happy Excavating!




Orthoceras once populated ancient oceans and were fast swimmers that used jet propulsion to move around. An orthoceras used the air inside its shell cavity as a buoyancy device, and it could squirt out ink and escape if it encountered a predator.