Autumn is an awesome time of the year and we are going to make it even more awesome by showing you how to make a super cool excavation using all those beautiful fall leaves and sticks to create a fun and free excavation!
Collect leaves and sticks from the forest to create your awesome autumn ice excavation.
Materials needed:
Leaves, sticks, bark, acorns and other fantastic finds from a forested area. (You can collect these yourself or turn it into a real adventure and have the child join you in finding the items to go in the excavation.)
A plastic bowl that will be big enough to hold you items.
A spot big enough in your freezer to put the bowl.
 A small pitcher for pouring warm water.
 Now all you need to do to create your awesome autumn ice excavation is to layer your leaves, sticks and other items in the bowl. Pour cool water over the items, being sure to leave some space near the rim of the bowl for the ice to expand. Place the bowl in the freezer for several hours. 
 Use your finds from your awesome autumn ice excavation to create fun arts and crafts projects.
Pro tip: Have a magnifying glass handy to allow for an up-close inspection of the forest treasures. 
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 Once you are ready for your student or child to enjoy the awesome autumn ice excavation, you will need to find an area to excavate without getting water everywhere. 
Fill the small pitcher with warm water and instruct your child to gently pour the water over the awesome autumn ice excavation. Your child will soon be discovering, identifying, and collecting all the awesome autumn treasures hidden in the ice excavation.  
Now for the super fun and cool part... We are going to preserve some of our leaves!
Arrange your favorite leaves on a piece of wax paper. Lay another piece of wax paper on top, and cover with a towel on both sides (so that there is no wax paper showing). Now the parent or supervising adult can use a hot iron and gently iron on top of the towel until the wax paper inside fuses together. Your child will now have an awesome specimen to share, display, and enjoy!
The awesome autumn ice excavation is a fantastic activity to get a young eager mind excited about many topics and lends itself well as an awesome homeschool activity, classroom lesson, or even a fun birthday party event.  
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Happy Excavating!



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