This quick tutorial will show you how to make a super fun and easy White Christmas Excavation. This awesome activity will use a really cool super absorbent powder. The powder grows into instant snow when water is added. You then hide the items that you want to be excavated in the super fun instant snow.
Use instant snow powder to make White Christmas Excavations
This is a great excavation activity to introduce topics or lessons about winter, artic animals, or to just have a little fun during the holiday season. 
What you'll need:
Instant Snow Powder. You can easily find this online and a little goes a long way.
Some items to excavate that align with the theme of your lesson or activity.
Containers or sandwich baggies. 
You can use fun items like cute little artic animals in your White Christmas Excavations
Like I said before, this activity is super easy to setup and enjoy.
  Simply follow the direction on the instant snow powder and use water to make as much snow as you think you will need. Add the snow to your desired container and hide your items to be excavated and discovered. Allow someone to enjoy the White Christmas Excavation you have created! 
The White Christmas Excavation is a great activity that can be leveraged in many ways. For instance you can make 12 Days of Christmas Excavations by dividing the instant snow up into twelve different little baggies and hide a little item inside. 
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Have fun, be creative, and enjoy your White Christmas Excavation! 
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Happy Excavating!