6 DIY Dinosaur Eggs Ideas

How To Make DIY Dinosaur Eggs

In this fun and easy tutorial, we're gonna show you six super easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself techniques to make your own dinosaur egg excavations. 
DIY Dinosaur eggs are a huge hit with kids of all ages, especially those with an interest in these amazing ancient reptiles. This post will teach you several different ways of making awesome little dino egg digs with supplies you probably already have in your home. 
First, we will explore a method that uses coffee grounds, sand, and a few other readily available ingredients to make impressive and realistic looking dinosaur eggs. Then we will teach you a couple methods that do not require sand for those looking to cut down on the mess.
Next, we'll throw in a few more fun dino egg ideas to give you plenty of options to choose from to keep those young excavating adventurers excited and entertained. To conclude, we will even teach you how to make batches of dinosaur eggs for birthday parties and classrooms. 
This list of DIY dino egg recipes that you can make at home will fizz, melt, ooze, and more to reveal the awesome dinosaurs you have hidden inside.
Now, get ready to explore our list of dino egg ideas, pick the one that is right for you and your little ones, and have a blast making some awesome little egg shaped dinosaur excavations your children will love. 
Pro tip: Hide the eggs around the yard or house and have a dinosaur egg hunt. Add a little extra fun by allowing your children to pick out and dress up in their best dinosaur hunting outfits. You may be surprised at what they decide is the perfect junior paleontologist gear, but I'm sure it will be original and entertaining. 
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DIY Dino Egg Idea #1: How to Make Realistic Looking Dinosaur Eggs

If you are looking for an awesome dinosaur themed activity that is really going to impress your kiddos, then this is the activity for you. I'll admit that the first time I saw this tutorial, I was a bit intimidated for some unexplainable reason. But once I finally ended up making these realistic looking dino eggs, I was shocked how simple they were to create and have made these impressive dinosaur eggs on many more occasions. 
So trust me, these are so worth making! These turn out absolutely awesome and children go crazy for these realistic looking dino eggs you can make at home for almost nothing. 
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup used coffee grounds - I use used coffee grounds and they work perfectly. 
1 cup sand
3/4 cup salt
About 1/2-cup water
Mixing bowl
Small plastic dinosaurs 
Mix all the ingredients (except for the dinosaurs) together in a large bowl until you get a dough like consistency. If your dough is a little crumbly and dry, just add a bit more water until it will start to hold a shape when pressed together. 
Take a handful of dough and place a dinosaur inside and shape the dough into an egg. Allow the egg to dry completely before excavating. You can do this by sitting them in front of a fan overnight, or placing them out in the sun for three or four days (just make sure the eggs do not get rained on). These drying methods work fine for younger children as the eggs do not completely harden and are reasonably easy to excavate.
My preferred method off drying the dino eggs is in the oven. If you choose this method, you will need a baking sheet and a piece of parchment paper. Preheat your oven to 225 degrees. Place the eggs in the oven and let them bake for about twenty minutes. Allow the eggs to completely cool once you take them out of the oven before handling as they will be extremely hot. These eggs will come out pretty hard once cooled and will look amazing. 
This recipe will make five or six dinosaur eggs that are about about five inches long. Provide a hammer and safety goggles once you're ready to excavate and a small brush. Once the outer shell of these dinosaur eggs is cracked, the inside is usually easy to brush away. 
Pro tip: These realistic looking dinosaur eggs are perfect for the dino egg hunt we mentioned above. They blend in well with real rocks, making for a more difficult hunt for older kids. You can also place some rocks in a circle and add some of the dino eggs to create a dinosaur nest for your children to discovery. 
Use small plastic dinosaurs in your DIY dinosaur egg excavations



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DIY Dino Egg Idea #2: How to Make Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs


Fizzy dinosaur eggs are super easy to make and a ton of fun. This dinosaur egg recipe does not require sand which makes for a little easier clean up, and the chemical reaction involved with this excavation activity is great for adding a little science to the fun. 



Baking soda


Food coloring - a bunch of different colors if possible

Pipets or eye dropper - A straw works great as well. Just be sure to demonstrate how to hold your finger over the end to keep the liquid inside for dripping vinegar onto the fizzy dino egg.

Plastics dinosaurs

Mixing bowl

Wooden spoon or whisk

Parchment paper

White vinegar


Tray or bin

Disposable gloves

Safety goggles



Add about three cups of baking soda to the mixing bowl.

Add a drop or two of food coloring.

Mix the baking soda and food coloring. Add more food coloring until you get the color you want.

Mix in about 1/4 cup of water.

Put on your gloves (to keep the food coloring from dying your hands), grab a handful of the mixture, and press a dinosaur inside.

Use your hands to tightly pack the mixture around the dinosaur and form it into an egg shape. 

Place the fizzy dinosaur eggs on the parchment paper and put them in the freezer for an hour or two so they firm up and hold together. 

Now comes the fun part! 

Place the fizzy dino eggs in a shallow tray or bin. Fill a bowl with white vinegar. Set the bowl of vinegar and the pipet near the tray. Once your child or student has on their safety goggles, instruct them to start dripping vinegar on the eggs. The eggs will start bubbling and fizzing and will soon melt away to reveal the baby dinosaurs inside. 

Once all the fizzy dino eggs have hatched, be sure to give the little plastic dinosaurs a quick rinse to wash off the vinegar. 

Pro tip: Pack the mixture into plastic Easter eggs for a perfect egg shape. 


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DIY Dino Egg Idea #3: How to Make Frozen Dinosaur Eggs 

This DIY dinosaur egg activity is fun any time of the year, but even more so during a hot summer day. In this activity, we are simply going to use water and balloons to make frozen dino eggs. 
Balloons - You are going to want 12" balloons or larger as the small balloons seem to tear and do not work as well. 
Small plastic dinosaurs
Food coloring (optional)
Warm water
Spray bottle
Turkey baster 
Pull and stretch a few balloons to loosen them up. Put a dinosaur into each balloon, making sure not to puncture the balloon. This can be a little tricky and will take some patience. 
Add some food coloring to each balloon if you want to color your frozen dino eggs. I recommend this step as it makes the eggs look really cool. Just keep in mind food coloring stains so be sure you're excavating outside or in an area that can be easily cleaned.  
Now, add water to the the balloon, tie it off, and freeze until solid. Make sure when you put the balloons in the freezer, you do so in a way that keeps a dinosaur egg shape. This is a little tricky, but if you can hang the balloons from the bottom of a freezer shelf, the egg shape comes out perfect every time. 
 A frozen balloon is a great DIY dinosaur egg method
Pro tip: Do not feel limited to putting just dinosaurs in the frozen balloons! You can use the frozen balloon technique for all kinds of icy excavation activities. You can add real rocks and minerals, gemstones, fossils, other types of little plastic animals, Legos, coins, or pretty much anything that will fit in the balloon that your kids will enjoy discovering. 
Once the balloons are frozen and you are ready to excavate, simply cut and peel off the balloon. Place the frozen dinosaur egg excavation in a plastic bin or some other type of container to avoid making a huge mess.
Next, I prefer to provide a cup of warm water as opposed to tools for this excavation. A turkey baster makes a great device for your excavating adventurer to use to drip warm water onto the dinosaur egg to melt away and reveal the dinosaur inside. I also recommend filling a spray bottle with warm water. You can even include a squirt gun filled with warm water to add a little extra fun. 
Pro tip: There are tons of dinosaur skeleton puzzle toys available in stores and online. Get one of these, take it apart, and place a different part into each dino egg. This works great for any of the dinosaur egg ideas listed here, and there are even glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeletons that are super cool to use in the dino eggs!


DIY Dino Egg Idea #4: How to Make Dinosaur Eggs with Cornstarch

This easy homemade dinosaur recipe only requires three ingredients: cornstarch, sand, and water.

All you do is add about 8 cups of sand to a mixing bowl. Mix in about 4 cups of cornstarch and blend it all together. Doing the mixing while the ingredients are still dry seems to help them mix together completely a little easier.

Add about a cup of water and mix it into the ingredients. Keep adding water, small amounts at a time, until the mixture starts to get crumbly and hold a shape when pressed together.

Now simply grab a handful of mixture, press a dinosaur inside, and form into an egg shape. 

You can leave these to dry in front of a fan overnight or place them in the sun for a few days.

Once these dino eggs are ready to be enjoyed, provide safety goggles, tools, adult supervision, and let the digging begin. These dino eggs are also fun to drop into a bowl of water and watch them melt and disintegrate to revel the little baby dinosaur inside. 

If you have any cornstarch left over, be sure to check out this super cool oobleck excavation activity. 


DIY Dino Egg Idea #5: How to Make Soft Dinosaur Eggs 

This is the easiest dino egg idea in the list and it is great for younger children. Not only do they get to excavate a dinosaur egg, but once the dinosaur has been discovered, you can then encourage your excavating adventurers to make their own dinosaurs if their playdoh or clay is still soft.
Playdoh. You can often find cheap generic brands at dollar stores. Air soft modeling clay will also work.
Small plastic dinosaurs
Simply take a small amount of Playdoh or soft modeling clay and form it in the shape of an egg around a plastic dinosaur. You can then allow your excavating adventurer to discover the dinosaur in the soft material, or you can allow the egg to sit overnight and harden for a more difficult excavation.
For hardened dinosaur egg excavations, you will need to provide excavation tools and safety goggles. Wooden crab mallets and small hammers work well, and wooden dowels sharpened to a blunt point make great chisels. 
Pro tip: You can also fill plastic Easter eggs will playdough and a dinosaur if the dinosaur will fit. You can then easily hide the dino eggs around the house or yard for another fun dinosaur egg hunt. 

DIY Dino Egg Idea #6: How to Make a Batch of Dinosaur Eggs for Birthday Parties and Classrooms


This is a great idea to keep in mind if you have an upcoming dinosaur themed birthday party or classroom lesson that will have a bunch of participants.
Simply choose a dino egg idea above that fits your age group, making sure it will work well with the setting and event.
Be sure to keep things in mind like the age of participants, skill level, and time requirements (some of these dino digs will take longer to complete than others). You will also need to consider the facility and the ease of cleaning up the mess involved with each dino egg activity.
Lastly, you will need to make sure you have enough safety goggles and tools for each student or guest.
Once you have picked the perfect DIY dinosaur egg activity, simple scale up the amount of materials needed and make a batch big enough for the amount of birthday party guests or students in the class. You will save a ton of money, children will enjoy the awesome dino digs, and the little dinosaurs make fun and inexpensive items for the children to take home and enjoy.

Dinosaur egg facts


Here's a list of fun facts about dinosaur eggs and nests:

  1. Dinosaur eggs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the species of dinosaur that laid them.

  2. The largest dinosaur eggs ever found belonged to a species of sauropod called Hypselosaurus, and were about the size of a basketball.

  3. Some dinosaur nests have been found containing hundreds of eggs, suggesting that certain species laid their eggs in large communal nests.

  4. The first dinosaur eggs were discovered in France in the 19th century, but it wasn't until the 1970s that the first complete dinosaur eggshell was found.

  5. The shells of dinosaur eggs are composed of calcium carbonate, which is the same material that makes up the shells of bird eggs.

  6. It's believed that some species of dinosaurs may have covered their eggs with vegetation or other materials to help insulate them and protect them from predators.

  7. Dinosaur embryos have been found inside some fossilized eggs, providing researchers with valuable information about the development and growth of these ancient animals.

  8. Some dinosaur nests have been found in close proximity to evidence of volcanic activity, suggesting that volcanic eruptions may have played a role in the extinction of certain species.

  9. It's possible to determine the age of dinosaur eggs by analyzing the growth rings on their shells, which can provide insights into the growth rates of developing embryos.

  10. Some scientists believe that certain species of dinosaurs may have used body heat to incubate their eggs, similar to the way that modern-day crocodiles do.

These are just a few examples of fun facts about dinosaur eggs and nests, but there are many more interesting and surprising things to learn about these fascinating remnants of the dinosaur age.

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I hope you enjoyed these six easy DIY dinosaur egg recipes. These dinosaur egg excavations lend themselves well to dinosaur themed homeschool lessons and are great for in class instruction. They are also a hit at birthday parties and are not limited to just dinosaurs. You can put marine animals, seashells, fossils, aliens, and pretty much anything inside these DIY excavation eggs to help drive that lesson forward or entertain at a party!


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