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Embark on an exhilarating journey with "DigZone," a vibrant and engaging program designed to fuel your curiosity and passion for earth science!


Picture yourself as an intrepid explorer, delving into a world of fascinating quests across diverse realms like the mysterious depths of the ocean, the vastness of outer space, the dynamic ecosystems, the enigmatic world of rocks and minerals, and the thrilling unpredictability of natural disasters.


Each topic is a thrilling adventure, inviting you to uncover secrets, solve puzzles, and "Mine for Points" by answering trivia. These points are your treasure, swiftly guiding you to earn amazing Excavating Adventures dig kits. The best part? It only takes a few minutes of your daring exploration to gather enough points for a free kit!


Perfect for any curious mind, "DigZone" is not just an educational expedition—it's a fast-paced, fun-filled journey that you'll be eager to share with your friends. Join "DigZone" now, and transform your learning experience into an unforgettable adventure!


Dive straight into the excitement with these quick links! Each DigZone Excavating Adventure is paired with a fascinating quest, offering a unique journey into the wonders of earth science. Click on your chosen adventure below and begin your exploration now – where learning is an adventure!



Geology Quest: Rocks, Minerals, and More
Jurassic Attack: Fossils and Dinosaurs
Storm Chaser: Weather and Climate
Ocean Explorer: Oceans and Marine Life
Underground Expedition: Caves and Caverns
Outer Space Odyssey: Space and Planets
Extreme Earth: Natural Disasters
Mega Mountains: Landforms and Geography
Terra Trek: Erosion and Weathering
Earth Tremors: Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Ecosystem Safari: Ecosystems and Habitats
Soil Safari: Soil and Plants

Welcome to the thrilling world of DigZone, where every quest brings you closer to becoming an earth science mastermind! As you journey through each fascinating Excavating Adventure, you'll earn points and climb the ranks in our exclusive Explorer's Bracket.


Starting as a curious Junior Explorer, your knowledge and skills will grow, leading you through the exciting stages of Awesome Adventurer, Seasoned Seeker, and beyond. Each rank not only celebrates your achievements but also unlocks new challenges and rewards, making your learning journey both rewarding and exhilarating.


Are you ready to dig deeper, learn more, and ascend to the legendary status of a DigZone Master? Let your adventure begin!


DigZone Adventure Point Brackets

Junior Explorer (0 - 1,000 points)


Begin your journey! Unleash your curiosity and start exploring. Perfect for newcomers eager to learn and earn their first rewards.

Awesome Adventurer (1,001 - 5,000 points)


You’re on your way! Dive deeper into the quests and start accumulating a wealth of knowledge.

Seasoned Seeker (5,001 - 15,000 points)


You've shown great dedication! Your journey through the various quests has made you a seasoned explorer of earth science.

Elite Explorer (15,001 - 30,000 points)


A true connoisseur of exploration! Your persistence and eagerness to learn have elevated you to elite status.

Master of Mysteries (30,001 - 50,000 points)


Few reach these heights! You’ve mastered the art of exploration and unearthed the deep secrets of our planet.

Legend of the DigZone (50,001 points and above)


A legendary status for those who have shown unparalleled dedication. You stand as an inspiration to all aspiring explorers!