In this super fun, easy, and inexpensive tutorial, we are going to show you how to make the World’s Easiest Edible Excavation that the young Excavating Adventurers in your life will love.



Package of Chips A’hoy Chocolate Chip cookies

Popsicle sticks, bamboo skewers, and toothpicks – These will be our excavations tools.

Paper plates



  1. Place a cookie on the paper plate.
  2. Encourage the Excavating Adventurer to use the excavation tools to remove the chocolate chips and set them to the side.

That’s it! This really is the World’s Easiest Edible Excavation. You will probably be surprised by the care and attention participants will use as they carefully dig out the chocolate chips and chunks.


Delicious Digs: Exploring the Fun and Educational World of Edible Excavation Desserts!

Fun Facts about Why an Edible Excavation Dessert is Fun and Educational:

  1. Edible excavation desserts combine the excitement of digging with the delight of a tasty treat, making learning a delicious adventure!

  2. These desserts often mimic archaeological digs, where kids can dig through layers of edible "soil" to uncover hidden treasures or edible fossils.

  3. Edible excavation desserts provide a hands-on sensory experience, allowing kids to engage their senses of touch, sight, and taste while exploring different textures and flavors.

  4. Through the process of excavating, kids can develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and patience as they carefully dig and uncover the edible surprises.

  5. Edible excavation desserts can be themed around various subjects, such as dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, or even space, adding an educational element to the fun.

  6. Kids can learn about the concept of stratigraphy, which is the study of layers in the Earth's crust, as they excavate through different layers of edible materials.

  7. Edible excavation desserts provide an opportunity for kids to learn about different ingredients and their properties, such as using cookie crumbs as "soil" or chocolate chips as "rocks."

  8. These desserts can spark curiosity and discussions about history, archaeology, geology, or any other related topics as kids uncover hidden treasures and artifacts.

  9. Edible excavation desserts encourage creativity, as kids can design their own excavation sites, create unique "fossils" or treasures to bury, and even experiment with different flavors and combinations.

  10. Sharing an edible excavation dessert can be a fun and interactive activity for the whole family or a group of friends, fostering teamwork and collaboration while enjoying the tasty rewards.

  11. Edible excavation desserts can be a fantastic way to engage reluctant learners or those who prefer hands-on activities, as it combines playfulness with educational elements.

  12. Most importantly, these desserts make learning an enjoyable and memorable experience, leaving a lasting impression and inspiring a love for exploration and discovery.

Remember, with an edible excavation dessert, the learning journey becomes an appetizing adventure, satisfying both the mind and the taste buds!


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Question 1: What skill can kids develop while engaging in an edible excavation dessert? A) Hand-eye coordination B) Listening skills C) Musical talent D) Cooking expertise

Correct answer: A) Hand-eye coordination

Question 2: What concept can kids learn about while excavating through different layers of an edible dessert? A) Photosynthesis B) Stratigraphy C) Algebraic equations D) Newton's laws of motion

Correct answer: B) Stratigraphy

Question 3: What does an edible excavation dessert combine? A) Digging and painting B) Cooking and storytelling C) Excavating and tasting D) Singing and dancing

Correct answer: C) Excavating and tasting