In this fun and easy geology science experiment, we’re going to try and determine if there is air in rocks.
  • Lava rocks, broken bricks or clay, or other porous rocks
  • Clear two liter bottle 
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Magnifying glass


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  1. Remove the label from the two liter bottle.
  2. Carefully cut the top off of the two liter bottle. 
  3. Fill the bottle two thirds of the way full with water.
  4. Put the rock specimens in the water.
  5. Use the magnifying glass and see if air bubbles escape from the rocks.


I hope you enjoyed this super quick tutorial and enjoyed trying to discover if there is air in rocks!
Pro tip: Use this activity to create some excitement around discussions or lessons about rocks, the rock cycle, geology, and more!
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Happy Excavating!
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