Homemade Mini Dig It Gold Bars


Strike it Rich with Homemade Mini Dig It Gold Bars: A Fun and Easy Guide!


Get ready for an awesome excavation activity that is super easy and fun and will impress all the excavating adventurers in your life. This quick and inexpensive tutorial will have you whipping up entire batches of awesome little mini dig it bars in no time. 

Homemade mini dig it bars are great for birthday parties, sleepovers, classroom rewards and activities, and much more. These tiny little excavation are sure to entertain and what you choose to put inside is entirely up to you. 


Fun Fact: 99.99% pure gold is so malleable it can be bent by hand. Large amounts of coined gold will bend and become distorted under their own weight because it bends so easily. Because of this, gold is poured into bar shapes to avoid bending. 

The Educational Benefits of Homemade Mini Dig It Gold Bars


Dig kits have become increasingly popular over the years as a fun and educational activity for people of all ages. They offer a hands-on way to learn about geology and paleontology by excavating and identifying fossils, gems, or minerals. Our homemade mini dig it gold bars take the concept of a dig kit to the next level by allowing you to create your own gold bars from scratch.

Making homemade mini dig it gold bars is an excellent way to teach children about basic chemistry and geology concepts, such as how minerals are formed and how they can be extracted from the earth. It is also an opportunity to discuss the history of gold and how it has been used throughout different cultures and time periods.

Additionally, creating homemade mini dig it gold bars is a great activity for improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as providing a chance to exercise patience and attention to detail. It is a perfect bonding experience for parents and children, or for groups of friends looking for a unique and interactive activity.

Overall, homemade mini dig it gold bars are a fun and educational way to learn about geology, history, and chemistry while also providing an opportunity for hands-on creativity and skill-building.



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Materials and Directions: How to Make Homemade Mini Dig It Gold Bars


Now that you've learned about the educational benefits of making homemade mini dig it gold bars, let's get ready to start creating!


In this section, we'll go over the materials you'll need and provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. Whether you're looking to create your own dig kit or just want to try a new craft, making homemade mini dig it gold bars is a fun and unique project that anyone can enjoy.


So, gather your materials and let's get started!



  • Sand
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Wooden spoon
  • Measuring cups
  • Excavation tools. Wooden dowels and other blunt instruments work well. Sharp tools are unsafe and not necessary as the excavations are reasonably brittle and excavate easily. 
  • Safety goggles
  • Small brush
  • Small items to be excavated. These will need to fit in the ice cube tray. I really like using rock and mineral specimens in my Homemade Mini Dig It Gold Bars. Pyrite (Fool's Gold) is an excellent choice and pennies and other coins work great too! 
  • Ice cube tray
  • Gold spray paint
  • Newspaper or cardboard


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  1. Put one cup of sand in your mixing bowl.
  2. Add one-third cup Plaster of Paris.
  3. Use the wooden spoon to mix the sand and Plaster of Paris.
  4. Add one-third cup of water and mix.
  5. Keep adding small amounts of water until you reach a pancake like batter consistency. 
  6. Add the small items to each ice cube compartment. 
  7. Pour a layer of the mixture into the ice cube tray to cover the items.
  8. Gently tap the sides of the ice cube tray to remove any air bubbles. This will also allow a little mixture under and around the items. 
  9. Set the Homemade Mini Dig It Gold Bars in a safe location to dry undisturbed overnight. I like to put the excavation in front of a fan.
  10. Once dry, turn the ice tray over and gently tap the bottom until the mini dig it bars slide free. 
  11. Place the mini dig it gold bars on a piece of paper and spray them with gold paint. 


Now the Homemade Mini Dig It Gold Bars are ready to be enjoyed. Find an area that is easy to clean up, distribute the safety goggles, excavation tools, and let the excavating begin. 



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10 Fun Facts About Gold That Will Spark Your Curiosity


Here are some fun facts about gold:

  1. Gold is a very rare metal and it's estimated that all the gold ever mined in the world could fit into three Olympic-size swimming pools.
  2. Gold is not just a yellow color. It can also appear in white, rose, and even green shades.
  3. In ancient times, people believed that gold had magical powers and it was used to create objects of great significance like jewelry, crowns, and even religious artifacts.
  4. Gold is very ductile and can be shaped into thin wires or sheets that are even thinner than a human hair.
  5. The gold rush in California in the mid-1800s attracted thousands of people who were hoping to find gold and strike it rich.
  6. Gold is often used in electronics and space technology because it's a good conductor of electricity and doesn't corrode or tarnish easily.
  7. Olympic gold medals aren't made entirely of gold. They're mostly made of silver with a thin layer of gold plating.
  8. The largest gold nugget ever found weighed over 200 pounds and was discovered in Australia in 1869.
  9. Gold is not only found on Earth, but also in space. Scientists believe that gold and other heavy metals are formed during supernova explosions.
  10. Some cultures believe that wearing gold jewelry can bring good luck and prosperity.



The Wild West Goes for Gold: A Quick Look at the California Gold Rush


The Gold Rush was a period of time in the mid-1800s when thousands of people rushed to California in search of gold. In January 1848, gold was discovered by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California. News of the discovery spread quickly and soon people from all over the world began traveling to California with the hope of finding gold and striking it rich.

The Gold Rush brought people from all walks of life to California, including farmers, merchants, and even doctors and lawyers. Many people sold their homes and belongings to finance their trip west. Some came alone, while others brought their families with them.

The journey to California was long and difficult, and many people died along the way due to disease, accidents, and harsh weather conditions. Once they arrived in California, the prospectors had to endure even more challenges like harsh terrain, limited resources, and difficult mining conditions.

Despite the challenges, many prospectors were able to find gold and strike it rich. The Gold Rush transformed California from a sleepy frontier territory into a bustling state with a thriving economy. However, the Gold Rush also had a negative impact on the environment and Native American populations, as well as contributed to a surge in crime and violence.

Overall, the Gold Rush was a significant event in American history that had a profound impact on the country's economy and culture.



I hope you enjoyed this super quick tutorial and enjoy making Homemade Mini Dig It Gold Bars. These excavations are very easy to make, inexpensive, and a lot of fun!
Pro tip: If you're looking to create some excitement around discussions or lessons regarding the items included in your mini dig it gold bars, why not try incorporating a fun activity?
You could create clues and have students or kids guess which items they think will be included in the bars before they start digging, or have them do some research on each item they discover to learn more about their properties and uses.
You could even have a mini treasure hunt, where students or kids have to find each mini gold dig it bar hidden around the classroom or outside area. The bars also make great items for a scavenger hunt!
Whatever activity you choose, it's a great way to engage learners and encourage them to explore the fascinating world of geology and mineralogy.
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