Excavating Adventures Launches World’s First Virtual Gem Mine

Cary, NC, Nov. 14, 2020 -- With many students still studying at home, Excavating Adventures has launched a free virtual educational program called Digital Dig to help keep students inspired and excited about science.

An important and unique aspect of this program is that it rewards participants with real rocks, minerals, fossils, excavation kits and more that are shipped to their homes. This first of its kind program is entirely free and prompts participants to engage in a “virtual excavation” where they search ExcavatingAdventures.com to discover scientific facts and information. This information is then used to answer trivia and earn points that can be redeemed for Excavating Adventures products.

You can learn more here: Digital Dig Program

Excavating Adventures is dedicated to creating the world’s best excavation products. Our excavations are loaded with premium hand selected scientific specimens that are designed to not only entertain but to educate through the process of discovery, identification, and collection. Excavating Adventures also offers the world’s only monthly excavation subscriptions as well as numerous individual excavation kit options.

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