Here's an easy and inexpensive brain dissection discovery excavation that is perfect for this spooky time of the year. Get your items together and get prepped for brain surgery as we learn how to make this super fun and quick to put together excavation that will entertain and educate young minds!
Materials needed:
Brain Jell-O mold. You can find these for cheap during October at dollar stores and pretty much any time of the year online. 
Watercolor paints or washable paints
Popsicle sticks or some other item without any sharp edges to dissect the brain.
Items to be excavated - we'll use plastic spiders and insects for our example.
A tray in which to dissect the brain.  
 The frozen brain dissection discovery is a great excavation activity during the Halloween season.
Mix some water color paint, washable paint, or food coloring (just be careful because this can stain) in about one cup of water. 
Mix the one cup of colored water with about two cups of cornstarch in the brain mold. You will need to mix with your hands and may need to add more water or cornstarch until you get a pancake batter type consistency. 
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Keep adding cornstarch and water at the same 2:1 ratio until the brain mold is nearly full. 
You may want to add more coloring to get the desired look. Pink and gray coloring gives the brain a really cool color. 
Bury your plastic spiders and insects in the cornstarch. 
Put in the freezer for several hours until frozen.
The brain dissection discovery excavation is a fun activity to teach and inspire body themed lessons.
Once your brain dissection discovery excavation is fully frozen, find an area that can get a little messy and be easily cleaned up. Gently remove your frozen brain from the mold and place it in your tray. 
Dig in with the tools and start discovering the hidden items inside. As the brain melts, the oobleck (cornstarch and water) with flow and create a great sensory experience. 
The brain dissection discovery excavation is a lot of fun and is not only great for Halloween themes gatherings but is a great tool to initiate human body themed homeschool lessons and classes. You can even put little plastic body parts in the brain to really get those mental juices flowing.
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Happy Excavating!




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