Explore unique Excavating Adventures freebies and other goodies for teachers! Excavating Adventures has numerous resources and products that teach science standards and inspire a love of learning!

Classroom Kits:

Explore our no-prep classroom excavation kits that are a science field trip in a box!

Free Classroom Kit Sample:

Get a free excavation kit and see if a Classroom Kit is for you!

Digital Dig:

Send your students on a virtual gem mining experience entirely for free. Students earn points that they can exchange for free rocks, fossils, and even excavation kits! Students are sent on a guided search for science facts that they then use to answer trivia. Students not only learn, but they get to pick real rewards like rocks, fossils, and excavation kits that get shipped to them for free!

Team Dig:

This free opportunity allows students and even parents to work together to send the class on a FREE Excavating Adventure. Participants can combine points to earn an entire Explorer Classroom Kit for the class to enjoy.

Donation Request:

Get a free Excavating Adventure Extreme Kit for your school fundraiser to donate or raffle.

Free Cash For Teachers:

Let your friends know about Excavating Adventures and get free cash! Know lots of teachers or have a blog or social media account followed by teachers? Tell them about Excavating Adventures and you could earn up to $36 for each class pack sold!


Explore Homeschool Excavation Kits:

These kits are designed to supplement homeschool lessons at a significantly discounted price.


Digital Dig By Grade:

Quiz your students with fun trivia they can transform into real rocks and more!


Digital Dig By Subject:

Fun topic related trivia that educates and entertains while rewarding students with free scientific goodies to collect and enjoy. 


Teachers Pay Teachers: 

Find and follow us on Teachers Pay Teachers for exclusive free goodies and lesson plans. 


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