Bring the excitement of an Excavating Adventure to your classroom with an Excavating Adventures Class Pack!
This Free Sample Class Pack Kit is a scaled down example kit from the Explorer Class Pack that starts as low as $5 per student. This sample contains one specimen to discover, identify, and collect all packed into an awesome no-prep kit. We also offer an amazingly priced Extreme Class Pack that is by far the best deal and comes with 10 unique specimens for as low as $9 per student.
This Free Class Pack Sample Kit is available to classroom and homeschool teachers!
Simply pick your grade level, explore the free Digital Dig resource to determine if it will support your teaching objectives, and at the end of the experience you will have accumulated enough points to redeem for the free Class pack Sample Kit!
It only takes a moment and each participant is entered to win one free Class Pack each month (free Class Packs are awarded as a 15 student maximum).



After you have explored the Digital Dig teaching resource, redeem your points for the Free Class Pack Sample Kit:


 Please share this opportunity with any teachers you think may enjoy the Digital Dig or free sample kit on social media and don't forget to save the link to Digital Dig and rewards your students with free rocks, fossils, excavation kit and more!

Send your students on a real gem mining field trip right in your class room! Simply hand out these no-prep kits and watch your students digs in with excitement and interest! Prices start as low as $5 per student - check out the Excavating Adventures Class Pack options and get your free sample today! 
"My students haven't stop talking about this! I can't wait to do this again next year!"
 Ms. Nettles - Raleigh, N.C. 
This only thing we ask in return is to simply add our Digital Dig link to your Teacher website, school related blog, Google Classroom, or some other online resource. Our Digital Dig program is a free educational resource the rewards students for answering science trivia with real rocks, fossils, excavation kits and more! 

Adding a link to the Digital Dig program on websites, blogs, and other online locations is invaluable as it helps us divert money from online advertising back into the program which means more rocks in students hands!