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This adventure will leave you with a bounty of gemstones that will really make your collection sparkle and shine. Real rubies, emeralds, amethyst and more will be discovered on this expedition.

True Excavating Adventurers will also discover, identify, and collect amazing tiger's eye, amazonite, citrine and other fascinating specimens while enjoying the Gemstone Journey. Have fun, dig in, and start excavating today!

Excavating Adventures Extreme kits are designed to add ten new specimens to your collections and are geared toward the most avid of collectors. Your Gemstone Journey excavation comes in a super cool container and is loaded with our biggest and best specimens.
Once you excavate your ten new specimens, you can store them in the provided storage case. You will receive ten awesome trading cards that tell you fun facts and information about each specimen and a binder sheet is also included to store and display your trading cards.
A display box is provided for your best specimen and an identification card is also included to help identify your discoveries. A mystery item, passport sticker, and Excavating Adventures sticker are some of the other fun things you will discover in your Excavating Adventures Extreme kit.  
Begin your awesome Gemstone Journey excavation today!
If you love excavating as much as we do, be sure to check out our Excavating Adventures monthly subscriptions by clicking the link below and get an awesome new excavation delivered each month loaded with rocks, minerals, gemstones, fossils, and more!


Happy Excavating!

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IMPORTANT: If you are considering an Excavating Adventures Extreme subscription, please be aware that the kits ship in a sequence. To avoid the recipient of the subscription receiving a duplicate, please do not purchase an individual kit for anyone that you anticipate receiving an Excavating Adventures Extreme subscription.


Contains small items - Not intended for young children - Keep away from pets - Designed for ages 6 and up - Pictures are representations of what you will receive and are used for illustrative purposes only – Cards and specific excavations will vary.




NASA has discovered that hematite is one of the most abundant minerals in the rocks and soils on the surface of Mars.

Gemstone Journey Specimen Log