Do It Yourself excavation kits and activities are awesome, and one of the best things you can add to a DIY dig are real fossils. In this quick post we will teach you how to make an inexpensive and easy Real Fossil Dig Kit that your excavating adventurer will love. 
There are many fossils available online for purchase that are inexpensive and you may just have some laying around from of gift shop stop out on an adventure of your own. You could use ammonites, fossilized shark teeth, or my personal favorite petrified wood. You could even get real creative and use coprolite which is fossilized poop!
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Fun facts: Scientists that study fossil are called Paleontologists. With this Real Fossil Dig Kit, you excavating adventurer can be a real Paleontologist for the day as they dig, discover, and study real fossils. 
  • Sand
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Wooden spoon
  • Measuring cups
  • Excavation tools. Wooden dowels and other blunt instruments work well. Sharp tools are unsafe and not necessary as the excavations are reasonably brittle and excavate easily. 
  • Safety goggles
  • Small brush
  • Fossils - If you don't have any real fossils, use little plastic dinosaurs. These are just as fun to dig up, discover, and collect! 
  • Container - Any plastic container will do. 

Pro tip: Take a little time online and research the fossils you are including in your Real Fossil Dig Kit. Compile the information and print it out to include with your kit. 


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  1. Put one cup of sand in your mixing bowl.
  2. Add one-third cup Plaster of Paris.
  3. Use the wooden spoon to mix the sand and Plaster of Paris.
  4. Add one-third cup of water and mix.
  5. Keep adding small amounts of water until you reach a pancake like batter consistency. 
  6. Add the fossils to the container.
  7. Pour a layer of the mixture into the container to cover the fossils.
  8. Gently tap the sides of the container to remove any air bubbles. This will also allow a little mixture under the fossils.
  9. Optional - Push some little plastic dinosaurs into the excavation as it thickens to decorate your excavation. You can even use a plastic dinosaur to leave little tracks in the surface of your excavation.
  10. Set the Real Fossil Dig Kit in a safe location to dry undisturbed overnight. I like to put the excavation in front of a fan.

Pro tip: Look online for areas nearby to go on a fossil hunting expedition. You may be surprised at the options close by and the types of fossils you may be able to discover. Just be sure to observe any laws or regulations that may apply regarding the collecting of fossils in the area you choose to explore.  

Now the Real Fossil Dig Kit is ready to be enjoyed. Find an area that is easy to clean up, distribute the safety goggles and excavation tools, and let the excavating begin. 

I hope you enjoyed this super quick tutorial and have fun making the Real Fossil Dig Kit. These excavations are very easy to make, inexpensive, and a lot of fun!
Pro tip: Use this activity to create some excitement around discussions or lessons regarding paleontology, fossils, dinosaurs and more. 
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Happy Excavating!