Its that time of the year where spooky things are everywhere. In traditional Excavating Adventures style, went wanted to contribute to the spookiness by providing an excavation tutorial that is sure to gross out the young excavating adventurer in your life. Now roll up your sleeves (literally) and get ready to learn the super quick and simple Orbeez Ghost Eye Excavation. 
Excavating Adventures Pro Tip: Once you have finished enjoying your Orbeez, you can put them in your potted plants or garden. Orbeez will hold moisture and help keep your plants watered! 
 Materials needed:
A pack of Orbeez. These are also known as Water Beads and SAP Spheres and can be easily found online.
Use Orbeez, also know as water beads and SAP spheres to make your Orbeez Ghost Eyes Excavation
An empty plastic pitcher or tall cylinder vessel that you can't see through. Make sure the opening in wide enough that your excavating adventurer can reach all the way to the bottom of the container. 
A pitcher will work perfectly for the Orbeez Ghost Eyes Excavation
Some items to "excavate" and discover that you will hide in the Orbeez Ghost Eye Excavation. Try some little plastic spiders, bugs, and insects. This will align our excavation items with the spooky theme and provide a great way to introduce an educational conversation or lesson about these awesome creatures. 
Estimate the amount of Orbeez needed to fill your container and add water. It may take up to several hours for the Orbeez to absorb the water and grow to their full size. 
Once the Orbeez are grown, pour off any excess water. 
 Hide your insects, bugs, and other spooky items in the bottom of the container. 
Hide plastic bugs, spiders, and insects in your Orbeez Ghost Eyes Excavation
Turn off the lights for added spookiness and instruct your brave participant to roll up their sleeve. Now let them reach into the container and experience the "ghost eyes" as they feel around for the hidden excavation items. You're sure to hear some excited and strange reactions from your participant!
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The Orbeez Ghost Eyes Excavation is not only a fun activity to include in your spooky celebrations, it is a great way to introduce bugs, insects, and spiders into an educational lesson.  
Excavating Adventures Pro Tip: Orbeez, or water beads are Super Absorbent Polymers. Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) are special polymers that can absorb and retain large amounts of water. If you love exploring and enjoying Super Absorbent Polymers, then check out our Extreme Excavation Kits, and discover specimens hidden in fun and exciting SAP experiments.
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Happy Excavating!



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