In this fun and easy science experiment, we’re going to use gummy worms to explore and investigate fossils.
  • Gummy worms (any type of gummy candy will work!)
  • Saranwrap
  • Several heavy books
  • Six slices of soft white sandwich bread



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  1. Place several gummies on a piece of bread.
  2. Now cover these gummies with another piece of bread and add another layer of gummies.
  3. Repeat this until you reach your last piece of bread. This will be the top of your stack.
  4. Next, wrap the entire stack with saranwrap.
  5. Now balance several heavy books on top of the stack.
  6. Allow the books to weigh the stack down for a several hours. Eight hours really smashed the bread but you may want to leave it overnight.
  7. Peel the layers apart very carefully. They adhere together very well, so you’ve got to go slowly and gradually.
  8. The bread is left with deep impressions from the gummy worms. This demonstrates how fossils are produced from animals who have died and then the rocks and sand cover them up over time. It is a perfect demonstration to help understand the process of fossil creation.


I hope you enjoyed this super quick tutorial and had fun creating your own Gummy Worm Fossil to investigate and explore. 
Pro tip: Use this activity to create some excitement around discussions or lessons about fossils, dinosaurs, paleontology, and more!
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Happy Excavating!
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