This quick and simple post will show you how to make your own batch of easy Easter excavations. Once these simple little Easter excavations are wrapped in pretty colored foil candy wrappers, they can be placed in plastic eggs and hidden for your little ones to hunt and discover.  

Materials needed:

Ice cube trays, condiment cups, or other small containers that you will use as molds for you Easter excavations. Just make sure if you are going to put your Easter excavations in plastic eggs that your excavations will fit. 

Small items to put in your excavations. You can pick up some little Easter themed items at the local dollar store or on Amazon. I like to buy bags of tumbled gemstones and hide them in the Easter excavations.  



Mixing bowl

Colored foil candy wrappers that can be found on Amazon. You can also just use little squares of regular aluminum foil. The foil helps hold the Easter excavations together during the "egg hunt" as they can be a little brittle. 

Plastic eggs - remember to make sure your excavations will fit in your eggs.

Optional: Washable paint

Brushes and tools to use to excavate. Do not use sharp tools to avoid injury and pretty much any blunt tool will work to scrape away the excavation. 


That's it! Now let's learn how to make our easy Easter excavations!


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Excavating Adventures Easter Excavations


 The first thing you're going to do is add the cornstarch and water in the mixing bowl and mix together with your hands.

Add enough water so that the cornstarch will have almost a pancake batter consistency.

Optional: You can now add washable paint to your oobleck (the water and cornstarch mixture you have created), but avoid using food coloring unless you want colored hands for days!

 Next, place you items to be excavated in the containers you will be using for molds. 

Pour oobleck over the items. Some items may want to float so push them down into the oobleck.

Set in the sun or in front of a fan and allow to dry. 

Once dry, gently remove the hardened excavations from the molds. 

Wrap in the foil candy wrappers and place inside the plastic eggs.

Hide the eggs and have fun watching your little ones find them!

Once all the Easter excavations have been discovered, distribute the tools and brushes and allow the children to excavate the items!


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Excavating Adventures Easter Excavations


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Happy Excavating!