We've had a lot of fun sharing some of our edible excavation ideas, so today we are going to do it again by teaching you how to make a super easy chocolate rock quarry. This edible excavation is by far one of the easiest you will make and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 
What you will need to create your chocolate rock quarry edible excavation:
1. Chocolate rocks. These are super cool and tasty little treats that you can find at most candy stores and you can also easily find them online. These candies look exactly like little rocks and are actually quite tasty. 
Chocolate rock candies are perfect items for this edible excavation.
 2. Graham crackers. I like to use graham crackers because they resemble sandy dirt once they are crushed. Simply put some graham crackers into a plastic freezer bag, cover the bag with a towel, and use a meat tenderizer or other kitchen utensil to beat the graham crackers into crumbs. 
Pro tip: You can use Oreos or pretty much any kind of cookie as the dirt for your chocolate candy quarry edible excavation. 
 Crush graham crackers into crumbs to make the "sand" for your chocolate candy rock quarry edible excavation.
 3. Plastic cups. I like to use clear 9oz plastic cups. 
4. Spoons. I prefer to use little spoons like the taster spoons you get at a frozen yogurt shop, but any spoon will work just fine. 
 Once you have your graham crackers crushed into crumbs, put them in the plastic cup and stir in a good amount of chocolate candy rocks and serve. Super easy!
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The chocolate rock quarry edible excavation is a lot of fun and super easy to make. This awesome little treat is a great activity to get kids interested and thinking about rocks. You could also put gummy dinosaurs or other items in your graham cracker "dirt" and use this edible excavation to really excite, entertain, and educate young eager minds.
The chocolate candy quarry edible excavation also makes an awesome dessert for a cool science themed birthday party and is a great snack to ignite a rock themed homeschool lesson!
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Happy Excavating!




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