In this quick and inexpensive tutorial, we are going to show you how to make a Noah's Ark Excavation. These excavations are super easy to make and are a lot of fun. 


Excavating Adventures Pro Tip: These excavations are a great addition to your your next Sunday school lesson. They are also an awesome activity to consider for VBS or other youth oriented gatherings. This tutorial makes one large excavation, but you can easily make smaller digs for each child. 


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Plaster of Paris


Mixing Bowl

Wooden spoon

Measuring cups

Popsicle sticks – Popsicle sticks are inexpensive, readily available, and make great excavation tools.

Safety goggles or glasses – You we need to provide or borrow a set for each student.

Optional – Brushes and magnifying glasses.

Store bought cake container with base and lid - Hold onto one of these after your next birthday party as they are perfect for the Noah's Ark Excavation. No worries if you do not have one of these available as you can use any container that will hold all of your ark animals. 

Optional - glue gun, glue sticks, and adult supervision

Assorted plastic animals. You can buy Noah's Ark playsets online, but it may be easier (and a little cheaper) to just but a couple bags of assorted animals from your local dollar store. All you have to do is match up two of each animal and you have your own DIY assortment of Noah's ark animals to include in your excavation. 


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  1. Place some of the Noah's ark animals in the lid (cover) of the cake container. 
  2. Mix 3 cups sand with 1 cup Plaster of Paris.
  3. Add 1 cup of water and mix until you have a pancake batter consistency.
  4. Pour the mixture over the animals and allow to set for about five minutes. This will allow the mixture to firm up a little. This is important because the plastic animals will want to float. Once the mixture sets a little, simply push the animals back into the mixture until they stay put.
  5. Repeat these steps until the container is full. 
  6. Place the Noah's Ark Excavation in front of a fan overnight until it is completely dry.
  7. Distribute the excavation, excavation tools, and safety goggles to your Excavating Adventurer and have fun watching them dig in and discover the awesome animals you have hidden inside.


Sacred Stones: Exploring Rocks and Minerals in the Bible's Wondrous Tales!

Fun Facts about Rocks and Minerals in the Bible:

  1. The Bible contains references to various rocks and minerals, often used symbolically or to illustrate important lessons and events.

  2. The Ten Commandments were inscribed on tablets of stone, believed to be made of granite or another durable rock.

  3. In the story of David and Goliath, David used a sling and a smooth stone to defeat the giant Goliath, showcasing the power of determination and faith.

  4. The foundation stones of the New Jerusalem described in the Book of Revelation are said to be adorned with precious gemstones like jasper, sapphire, and emerald.

  5. The breastplate worn by the High Priest in the Old Testament, known as the "Breastplate of Judgment," featured twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel.

  6. The wise builder in the parable of the house on the rock is compared to a person who built their foundation on solid rock, signifying the importance of a strong spiritual foundation.

  7. The story of Moses striking a rock in the wilderness, resulting in water flowing out, highlights God's provision and faithfulness to His people.

  8. The prophet Isaiah used the analogy of refining gold to describe how God purifies His people, emphasizing the transformative power of faith and spiritual growth.

  9. The mention of precious gemstones like onyx, topaz, and sapphire in the book of Job symbolizes the incomparable value of wisdom and understanding.

  10. The pillar of cloud and fire that guided the Israelites in the wilderness is believed to have been a manifestation of God's presence, representing His guidance and protection.

  11. The story of Daniel and the writing on the wall references a supernatural hand writing on the palace wall, causing the king to seek Daniel's interpretation.

  12. The story of the Good Samaritan includes the use of oil and wine, which were considered valuable commodities in biblical times, highlighting acts of compassion and care.

Remember, rocks and minerals mentioned in the Bible serve as powerful metaphors, conveying deeper spiritual truths and lessons that resonate with people of faith throughout history!

Excavating Adventures Pro Tip: While this is optional, this next idea is super cool. Once the animals have been excavated, have your Excavating Adventurer clean them up and arrange them on the base of the cake container. Use the glue gun to secure the animals in place. You can then put the cover back on the cake container and you have a really cool Noah's Ark diorama! 


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Question 1: In the story of David and Goliath, what kind of stone did David use to defeat Goliath? A) Ruby B) Quartz C) Marble D) Smooth stone

Correct answer: D) Smooth stone

Question 2: What were the tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed believed to be made of? A) Granite B) Limestone C) Sandstone D) Marble

Correct answer: A) Granite

Question 3: What did the High Priest's breastplate in the Old Testament feature, representing the twelve tribes of Israel? A) Precious gemstones B) Seashells C) Feathers D) Wooden beads

Correct answer: A) Precious gemstones